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Premiering 'Love Is A Pendulum'
April 10-12, Kitano NYC

Joe Locke's 'Love Is A Pendulum' premiers at the Kitano April 10-12, 2014 - come and join usThe scope of this new music connects singable melodies with complex harmonies and rhythms - beautiful ballads with powerhouse statements whose energy aims directly at the solar plexus.

The band Locke has selected for "Love is a Pendulum" represents some of the finest players on their instruments. For this engagement, the exciting Italian saxophone virtuoso Rosario Giuliani joins the core group of Joe Locke (vibes), Robert Rodriguez (piano), Terreon Gully (drums) and Ricardo Rodriguez (basses) to realize the most personal, most compositional and most emotive work of Locke's career.

For reservations call 212-885-7119 or find out more here

Joe Locke joins the stellar cast of the SNJO's new release "American Adventure"

The SNJO CD 'American Adventure' feat. Mike Stern, David Liebman, Joe Locke, Kurt Elling, Bill Evans, Randy Brecker and moreThis latest extraordinary chapter in the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra's story explores musical narratives provided by some of the most adventurous composers, soloists and arrangers in contemporary jazz.

Joe Locke is part of a select group of A-list guest solo artists on this album, appearing alongside Mike Stern, David Liebman, Kurt Elling, Bill Evans and Randy Brecker - to name just a few.

"Tommy Smith knows what will work, and also has the knack and the super-human dedication to make good things happen." (Sebastian Scotney, London Jazz News)

Get it here

video: LIVE at Tbilisi Event Hall 2014

"I Can't Make You Love Me" — Joe Locke (vibes), Dado Moroni (piano), Darryl Hall (bass), Ernesto Simpson (drums) and Kenny Washington (vocals)

Joe Locke Group feat. vocalist Kenny Washington

Coming to Europe in February 2014 (Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Georgia, Turkey)! Stay tuned for tour updates.

Joe Locke signs with Malletech

Over the last year Joe has been actively contributing behind the scenes to the development of Malletech's OmegaVibe and a brand new vibraphone pickup system. After a recent test drive the seal of approval could not have been given with more enthusiasm: "I'm knocked out with the OmegaVibe!"
Malletech CEO and chief designer, Leigh Howard Stevens comments "We are really proud to have this world-renowned artist join our roster and we look forward to making a lot of music together."

'Lay Down My Heart' takes #1 in JazzWeek charts

Joe Locke 'Lay Down My Heart' Blues & Ballads Vol 1We are proud to announce that Joe Locke's latest Motéma release "Lay Down My Heart - Blues & Ballads Vol 1" has just made the number 1 position in the July 1st Jazz Week charts, making it the most played album on US Jazz radio stations. Thanks to all the stations and radio DJs for bringing People Music to your listenes!

Get "Lay Down My Heart" here at Joe's online Music Store.

Find out more abut Joe Locke's Blues & Ballads project.

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Green Mill
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Joe Locke
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