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Joe Locke's Band Projects and Collaborations

Joe Locke is a very active recording and touring artist, expressing his creative voice and ideas through a variety of group projects which are often much more than just musical collaborations - they are vehicles of communication.

Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group

The Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group, with Terreon Gully and Mike Pope, is a powerhouse of a band. Since all four musicians had independent, well-established careers before teaming up, their names vie for top billing. [project info]

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Tim Garland (saxes, bass clarinet), Geoffrey Keezer (piano), Joe Locke (vibes): "The blend of the three instruments is marvelous, and these guys seem to know it -- they thrive on the sound, playing off one another with great sensitivity and fire." [project info]

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Joe Locke Group
feat. vocalist Kenny Washington

Elegance, lyricism and soul are the sublime qualities at play: For the first time in many years, Joe Locke includes vocals as a primary part of the mix. Kenny Washington weaves his unique spell around a diverse repertoire. [project info]

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Force of Four

Joe's most recent band project, Force of Four, is a highly dynamic quartet featuring Ricardo Rodriguez (piano), Johnathan Blake (drums) and Robert Rodriguez (bass). Their forthcoming album on the Origin label will be released in June 2008. [project info]

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Sticks & Strings Quartet

The Joe Locke Quartet, featuring Jay Anderson, Joe LaBarbera and Jonathan Kreisberg, have toured Europe successfully in 2007, receiving raving reviews and media acknowledgements following their release "Sticks and Strings". [project info]

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Joe Locke & Christos Rafalides Duo

Christos was Joes graduate student at the Manhattan School of Music from September 1997 to May 1999. The lessons were serious business, but there were times when they seemed more like a party. [project info]

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Education: master classes and clinics

Joe has been involved with education projects world wide and continues to seek out opportunities to work with young musicians who are hungry to learn more about the art of improvisation. [project info]

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Joe Locke & Frank Kimbrough Duo

Joe loves playing with pianist Frank Kimbrough, who has been a close friend for many years. They have recorded two studio albums together, "Saturn's Child", "The Willow" and "Verrazano Moon" - their most recent release and first live CD of the Duo. [project info]

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Comprehensive Joe Locke discography incl. music samples.

  • For The Love Of You
  • Force of Four
  • Van Gogh By Numbers
  • Live in Seattle
  • Mutual Admiration Society 2
  • Sticks and Strings

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