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Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group

Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group

Featuring Joe Locke (vibes), Geoffrey Keezer (piano), Mike Pope (bass), Terreon Gully (drums)

Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group - new album "Signing" - with Mike Pope, Terreon Gully
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The Joe Locke /Geoffrey Keezer Group is a powerhouse of a band. Since all four musicians had independent, well-established careers before teaming up, their names vie for top billing.

They are about to release their first studio album - "Signing" - in Spring 2012 on Motéma Music. Please visit for all up-to-date information about the new CD and upcoming live appearances.

On vibraphone, Joe Locke is a worthy successor to past vibe masters Bobby Hutcherson and Milt Jackson. His releases over the past two decades, first as a sideman, then as leader, showcase his talent for playing with both lyrical beauty and incredible speed. Geoffrey Keezer was a piano prodigy who joined Art Blakey's famed Jazz Messengers at the tender age of 17. He has worked with virtually all of the living legends of jazz and has appeared on countless recordings both as a leader and as a side man.

The unique combination of vibraphone and piano creates a space much larger than the sum of its parts -- one in which these two brilliant improvisers and clever accompanists can really get down to work. When Locke lays down the full, ringing tones of his vibraphone, Keezer takes off at full throttle; and when Keezer's sophisticated spatial sense launches chords, Locke works his four mallets with fiery skill. Even when navigating tricky chord progressions at rocket speeds, they never lose their deep sense of swing.

The quartet's releases from the last two years, are melodically rich and endlessly inventive. Live, though, they are on another level altogether. Keezer and Locke not only play each other's nimble and lyrical compositions, but seem to think each other's musical thoughts.

The quartet is completed by the incredible talents of drummer Terreon Gully and bassist Mike Pope.

"Live in Seattle" (Origin, 2005) is available at Joe Locke's online Music Store.


"Signing" - official EPK

Released on Motéma Music, "Signing" is the first studio recording of The Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group, feat. Terreon Gully and Mike Pope

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"Van Gogh By Numbers"

Live at JazzBaltica, July 2007
featuring Joe Locke (vibes), Geoffrey Keezer (piano), Terreon Gully (drums), Mike Pope (bass)

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