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Joe Locke & Frank Kimbrough

Joe Locke / Frank Kimbrough Duo

Featuring Joe Locke (vibes), Frank Kimbrough (piano)

quote start I love playing music with Frank Kimbrough. His playing is so relaxed and he is incredibly supportive. Our first recording, Saturn's Child, came about as the result of a conversation we had. Both of us felt our music collections lacked recordings which maintained a tranquil feeling.

"These luminous duets offer plenty of substance and creativity ... mellow but interesting, complex but not cluttered, and frequently lovely. Saturn's Child may inspire new appreciation for the importance of balance and touch."

- Jon Andrews, Downbeat

We wanted to do a project whose mood was langorous and peaceful, but was artistically substantive. We went into the studio and came out 5 hours later with Saturn's Child.

Our most recent CD, The Willow, features the duo, augmented by Tim Ries on woodwinds and Jeff Ballard on hand percussion. Here again, the focus is on melody. Besides our own originals, the cd features a gorgeous Tim Garland composition, "The Moon For Her", and the title track, which was penned by Maria Schneider.quote end


Frank Kimbrough is a founding member of The Jazz Composers' Collective in New York City. To learn more about him, visit his website


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